Close Encounters of the Third Kind Review
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Close Encounters is one of the ground breaking-films of the 1970s that brought us into a new age of science fiction spectacles like Star Wars. A group of people at random witnesses the visitation of a small UFO, resulting in an odd radiation burn and a drastic change in their personalities. Each becomes obsessed with a set of sounds and an image, and the pursuit of recreating and understanding overshadows all else. One such character is Roy Nealy (Richard Dreyfuss), whose compulsion to unravel the mystery of his “connection” to the occurrence spurs him on beyond the loss of his wife and family.

Special effects that were unimaginable in its time and still breathtaking in our day help highlight the dramatic and awe-inspiring climax to this unforgettable classic.

One potential drawback to this film is the rather slow pacing in the first half. The younger population, barraged with alien invasions a la Independence Day and Men in Black, may be chomping at the bit for the film to “get on with it.” Such was the case at our house when this film was screened for our 14-and-unders.

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