Naked Review
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If Naked is a factual account of David Sedarisí life, itís a wonder he made it to adulthood. Sedaris is an amazingly funny writer who can transform the most blasť events into wild and hilarious rides around his psyche. The book contains seventeen stories that range from stories about his mother mocking his nervous tics to hitchhiking with a quadriplegic friend to picking apples with migrant workers and life in a nudist colony.

First published in 1997, Naked is nothing short of gut-busting funny. The perfectly honest looks at American life and customs are so well mixed in with twisted logic that there seems to be no difference between the two. Every essay made me laugh. Some of them made me laugh so hard I sprayed my reading chair with the Coke I
was drinking.

This is one of those books that you'll read over and over then pass around to all of your friends. Donít expect to get it back when you do. Odds are they'll pass it on to their friends, too.

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