Twister Review
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Players: 2 to 4 players, ages 6 and up

Twister, winner of the “Games Hall of Fame” award in 1999, is far from your typical board (bored?) game. In this classic you become the game piece as you twist, turn, shuffle, and contort your body around your opponents. The large plastic game “board” is covered with large, color-coded dots; and at the spin of the wheel players are instructed to place a hand or foot on the indicated color. You must remain that way while carrying out other instructions, heaped (along with players) on top of the first, until finally someone collapses. He who remains able to avoid falling over (or getting a hernia) wins.

What’s not to like? Call me a spoilsport, but enough. This game was wildly fun as a child, but in trying to come back to it
as an adult, I found some inherent problems. I no longer have the acrobatic capability to have my right hand on blue, left foot on green, and left hand on yellow. Anyone with back, neck, or joint problems beware -- you’ll likely be sitting this game out or be designated as the "wheel spinner”. Also, while kids seemed to have giggling fun over the antics required by the game (a great one for a girls’ slumber party), when siblings try to play, they may get a tad grouchy. Related children who are prone to sentences like “Hey, stop touching me!” are not likely candidates for having a rip-roaring time.

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