Better Off Dead Review
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"I want my two dollars!" Who can forget that timeless phrase uttered time and time again by demonic paperboy Johnny Gasparini? Better Off Dead is a farcical ride filled with wit and heart. Lane Myer (John Cusack) is a misunderstood teen just looking for an identity and some respect from his family and his peers.

The film begins with Lane's remembrance of his first meeting with Beth (Amanda Wyss), the love of his life. Soon after, Beth dumps Lane for Roy Stalin, the ski team captain. Lane decides that his life is worthless without Beth at his side, so he decides to commit suicide. However, he fails at each of his attempts. In the meantime, Lane befriends his neighbor's houseguest, a foreign exchange student named Monique, who is imprisoned by her host family, geekish bore Ricky Smith (Dan Schneider) and his mother. Monique teaches Lane about true love and auto mechanics and gives him the courage to face his fears. One of his biggest fears is skiing the K-12, a mammoth ski hill that Lane has always dreamed of conquering.

Lane is given a chance to prove himself when he challenges Roy Stalin to a duel on the K-12. The ending is somewhat predictable but is highly enjoyable and fun. Better Off Dead is worth a view, over and over again. If a film is parodied by the South Park gang -- as this one was in a recent episode -- then it has truly made an impact.

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