No More Miss Nice Girl!
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Do people sneer and call you a goody-goody –- or perhaps a goody-two-shoes? Do friends, family members, and total strangers repeatedly take advantage of your kindness? Or, most importantly, do men consistently dump you because you’re “too nice”?

Then you definitely need to learn how to be a rebel.

No one likes a good girl. You’ve seen Grease, right? Everyone picked on poor sweet-and-innocent Olivia Newton-John –- and John Travolta was embarrassed to be seen with her (and that says a lot, considering the polyester suits he used to wear). It wasn’t until she teased her hair, donned black leather pants, and took up smoking that her peers started to respect her.

Of course, it’s important to remember that Grease was just a movie. Becoming a rebel isn’t as easy as Olivia Newton-John made it look. It doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s important to start gradually. To start, try out a few of the rebellious acts below. In no time, you’ll be earning the respect of friends, family, and –- especially –- men.

Beginner’s Rebellious Acts:

  1. You know those tags on your mattresses that say something like: “Do not remove, or else!”? Rip them off! Make sure that not one mattress in your home has a tag on it.

  2. Who needs fashion rules? Not you! Make a statement by wearing white after Labor Day. You might even want to go a step further by wearing gray socks with black pants –- or by carrying a navy handbag when you’re wearing a black belt. (Note: These may be difficult for you, so try breaking fashion rules around the house before doing it in public.)

  3. Rebels don’t wait to cross the street! If the sign on the crosswalk says, “Don’t Walk,” walk anyway. Or, better yet, cross the street in the middle of the block instead of going all the way to a crosswalk. (Note: Even rebels should look both ways before crossing the street.)

  4. Next time you go to a movie, smuggle your own candy and/or beverage in. Then, instead of cleaning up after yourself, leave the empty candy wrappers, Coke cans, etc. at your seat.

  5. Send mail without including a return address.

  6. After trying on clothes in a fitting room, leave them inside the fitting room instead of neatly putting them back on the racks. (Note: You might want to do this in a store where you rarely shop. If you do it in a store you really like, they could possibly see you doing it, and they may hold a grudge.)

  7. Blatantly disregard signs that say “Express Lane –- 10 Items or Less.” Use them even if you have eleven items.

  8. Do you always show up exactly on time for meetings and other appointments (while everyone else always shows up late, making you wait)? Well, it’s their turn to wait! Next time you schedule a meeting for 3:00, write it down in your planner as 3:02. Then, when you show up at the time that it says in your planner, you’ll actually be showing up late!

  9. Sure, the sign on the escalator says to hold on to the handrail at all times, but every rebel knows that rules were made to be broken –- even if it sometimes means taking a risk here and there.

Once you’ve mastered these rebellious acts, think of your own ways to be a rebel. Before you know it, people will be so amazed by your thoughtlessness and disregard for others that they’ll try extra-hard to stay on your good side. And men will be mysteriously drawn to you because of your recklessness.

And once your casual carelessness gets you the attention you’re looking for and snags you a man, you, like sweet little Olivia Newton-John, can cut the act and go back to being your sweet little self -– because your mission has been accomplished.

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