Vittorio the Vampire Review
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Anne Rice is famous for her horrifying stories of bloodthirsty vampires who live in New Orleans. Vittorio, however, is not one of those stories -- because Vittorio is not one of those vampires. And in this book, Vittorio the not-so-bloodthirsty vampire tells his story.

Vittorio was born in Italy during The Golden Age -- a time of great scholars and great artists. A son of a wealthy lord, Vittorio was sent to Florence for his education. When he returned -- at the age of sixteen -- the problems started. People started to disappear from the villages surrounding their castle -- obviously fleeing from something. And one night, that something showed up at their castle. Vittorio’s father locked him in his family’s crypt with his brother and sister, but even that couldn’t save them. The children listened as a battle went on above their heads -- and then the creatures came for them. They were demons -- that’s all Vittorio knew -- and he watched them kill his brother and sister. If it weren’t for a pale, beautiful demon -- he’d heard her called Ursula -- he would have been killed, too.

But when he comes out of hiding, Vittorio discovers that there’s nothing left. The demons have killed his family. So he packs his bags with as much of the family’s riches as he can carry, and he leaves his castle to seek revenge. He looks to the church for help, but no one will listen to his stories -- and no one will tell him what these demons are.

Once you pick up this book, you’ll have a hard time putting it down. I promise. Right from the beginning, it had my full attention -- mostly because Vittorio, as the book’s narrator, seems to be so… real. He’ll remind you of a friendly old man who’s seen so much that he doesn’t know where to begin to tell you about his life. But don’t think that this man’s stories are like your grandpa’s stories about growing up on the farm. Vittorio has seen -- and done -- some unbelievable things. And sometimes the story will be so graphic that you’ll want to cover your eyes. But you’ll keep reading -- and you may just find (like I did) that as the action and suspense build, your heart will start pounding a bit harder. And nothing will be able keep you from finding out what happens on the next page.

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