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As a starving artist, Iím always looking for ways to make a little money on the side to further support my habit. This morning, while I was checking my email, the solution finally came to me. I need to get a web cam.

Every day, I get emails from women just like me who are making good money with their very own web cams. (Okay, so Iíll admit that theyíre not exactly like me, but they are women, so thatís a start.) And, if my deductions are correct, people actually pay to see what women do all day. If thatís true, Iím an unexplored gold mine! Iíve got to get right out to the store to buy myself a web cam!

First, Iíll need to write a professional email message that will convince people to visit my site -Ė and Iíll send it to every single inbox in the known universe. Itíll say something like ďPssst! My husbandís not home! Watch what I do when Iím all alone!Ē Or maybe itíll say, ďSee what I do with my pen all day long

Once the email recipients read the message, theyíll realize that Iím a freelance writer, and theyíll be so excited to see what I do all day long that theyíll click over to my site. And, depending on the time of day, theyíll get to see all kinds of exciting things.

Me: Barely Alive
Still in my pajamas (nothing fancy Ė just a T-shirt and plaid jammie-pants), with a serious case of bed-head. This is when visitors can watch me drink cup after cup of tea. Theyíll also get to see me staring blankly at my computer while I check my email.

Me: Just Out of the Shower
Now Iím wearing a sweater and jeans, and my hair is dripping. Itís a very attractive look for me Ė- drowned rat. This is when visitors will watch me as I do my best work with my pen Ė- scribbling in my sketchbook. (After all, when Iím in the shower, I have lots of time to think.) Visitors can also watch me eat a late breakfast (a bowl of AlphaBits -Ė good for the writerís soul) while I surf the Internet and try to dry my hair using the space heater on my desk.

Me: Finally Awake
Afternoon is, by far, the most exciting part of the web cam day Ė- because I usually wake up sometime in the afternoon. Thatís when I can be found frantically typing articles, submitting work, and emailing editors. (Visitors who are especially lucky may even catch some pen action!) This is also when I switch from tea to soda.

Depending on the day, visitors may also get to watch as I do the Dance of Joy in response to acceptance letters -Ė or as I pound my head against my desk in response to rejections.

Empty Chair
This is when I give up and just go out for coffee. After all, being in the limelight all day can get to be so monotonous for a web cam star like me. With all the money Iím pulling in, maybe Iíll even splurge on one of those frou-frou coffee drinks instead of the cheap, black stuff.

I realize, however, that Iíll have to be careful to disguise myself (perhaps by putting on makeup and doing my hair) before I go out into public from now on Ė- I donít want crazed fans to recognize me and cause a scene!

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