Russian Experiences Review
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Russian Experiences: Life in the Former USSR and Post-Soviet Russia makes you open your eyes to the true Russia. The Russia of the “suburbs”; the Russia of the common worker; the Russia of the struggling family. No political grandstanding in this book. This is a story of its people. Its heart and soul.

A man known as “The Raven” lived through of growing up in this Russia, and with the help of co-writer Marie Claire, he tells his story to the world. But, though it is a riveting story of trial and labor and of rebirth, Russian Experiences is so much more than just a story. It is, in its essence, a moving and dramatic tale of one man's quest for freedom; not just in a physical sense, but an emotional one as well.

The story is not
only well written from a technical standpoint, but it is also a very personal saga of the history and transition of one of the mightiest nations in the world and the consequences felt by its complicated political history. Through the eyes of “The Raven” and Marie Claire, a reader begins to understand there is much behind the façade of Russia, one rarely seen or talked about on such a personal level. As a result, this book could and should be used as a primer to learn what Russia was and is all about. Russian Experiences is an excellent way for anyone to learn about Russia's history, culture, and the indomitable spirit of many of its people from either a social or personal perspective.

The unique approach of keeping the anonymity of “The Raven” offers an unusual though very effective method encouraging an understanding of one of the mightiest nations in the world through the eyes of one of its citizens. This book, written in a smoothly descriptive style and utilizing rich though simple language, offers something for a wide range of readers, from high school students to adults.

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