Dave Barry's Complete Guide to Guys Review
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It might actually be dangerous (or possible even illegal) to listen to this audio book while driving. The sudden outbursts of laughter could cause you to swerve violently -- and, before you know it, youíll find yourself in the middle of opposing traffic, staring straight into the headlights of an oncoming semi.

Yes. Itís that funny.

In his Complete Guide to Guys, Dave Barry discusses guys. Not men. Guys. The guys who get emotionally attached to football teams. The guys who live surrounded by dirty laundry and empty take-out cartons. The guys who entertain themselves by farting, drinking beer, and blowing up household appliances. This books helps guys better understand their actions -- and it helps non-guys understand the guys around them.

This book will give any listener hours of belly laughs, thanks to its funny-because-itís-true stories. In fact, itís so funny that -- if you listen closely -- youíll even hear narrator John Ritter try to hold back his own case of the giggles.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this book along on my last road trip (and Iím happy to announce that I made it to my destination without any major accidents), though I recommend reading the book, too. Barryís use of charts and graphs and parenthetical asides makes it difficult to keep up -- and get the full effect.

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