Rack-o Review
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Players: 2-4
Playing Time: About 30 minutes per game, but it depends on the number of players

Rack-o has always been one of my favorite games -- Iíve been playing it since I was a kid. In fact, when I pulled the well-worn old box out of the closet to introduce my husband to the game, I found an old score sheet from a game between my little cousin and me (along with a Garfield pencil). Rack-o is a game that I still love to play, and, unlike several of the games that I loved as I kid, itís still on the market.

Rack-o is a simple but often nerve-wracking game. Each player gets a card rack, which has ten slots. Players are then dealt ten of the sixty numbered cards (1-60), which they place in their card rack. The object of the game, then, is to get the cards to line up in consecutive order (lowest to highest) by taking turns trading their cards for the cards in the discard pile. The first player to get all of his or her cards in order then gets 75 points, and the other players earn points based on how many cards they had placed in order. The first to 500 points wins.

This game is great for both kids and adults -- the game play itself is simple and easy to learn, but itís still fun and challenging. It mixes a little bit of skill with a lot of luck -- the perfect mix for a fun game (because if you win, you can attribute it to your skill, and if you lose, you can blame it on bad luck).

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