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This memoir, published in 1999, recounts the author's rape while she was a college freshman approximately 15 years in the past. It is a terrifying experience, a recounting of her struggle to survive and see her rapist go to prison, and the various reactions of her friends, family, and those who would help her with her legal journey.

I was in for quite an experience. I have never read anything like it and will not soon forget the words written in this book. The author does not shy away from the specifics and this makes the reading compelling but also revolting.

This is not a book for everyone. I felt guilty for even picking it up and emotionally drained after I read it. If you, God forbid, have been raped or know someone who has, be careful about y
our choice to read this book. The author pursues her rapist all the way through the legal system, but the book has at least a couple of chapters where the victim told no one and other characters who have different reactions altogether.

But overall, this is a book by a woman with remarkable courage and strength enough to share her story with the world. The author does not offer any easy answers, which fact makes the story that much better. This book also offers rare glimpses into various parts of the criminal justice system: the initially disbelieving police office, the defense lawyer who plays a trick on her, the often-postponed trial, and finally the conviction of her rapist.

If you like to read nonfiction memoirs or if you're attempting to write one, this is definitely a book to read.

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