The Lovely Bones Review
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The Lovely Bones is the story of a family torn apart by the death of the oldest child, 14 year old Susie Salmon. This best-selling debut novel from Alice Sebold is a journey of loss, grief, and healing. It’s a little different than your typical ghost story because it’s told from the perspective of the ghost.

When the story starts, Susie is already in heaven. She relates her own death at the hands of a serial rapist/murderer and his disposal of her body. She watches her family struggle, first with her disappearance and later with the realization that she is dead and that they will never find any remains.

Susie, the narrator throughout the book, continues to watch her family for ten years as they learn to cope with her absence. She watches he
r father, her mother, her younger sister, her younger brother, a few friends and Mr. Harvey, the man who murdered her. When she’s not watching the people who are alive she wanders around heaven and describes what she finds there.

At the end of the book one of the characters has developed the ability to feel the presence of the dead, á la John Edwards or James Van Praagh, and Susie is able to enter a character’s body and possess her and sleep with her now-grown-up childhood crush, á la Ghost. These events get to be a little too strange for me.

But this is just being picky. I enjoyed this book and hope that the author’s next book is just as good.

Ed. note: Interested in Alice Sebold? Check out Brian's review of her memoir, Lucky.

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