Sour Grapes Review
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I guess you could call it a guilty pleasure -- but I loved this book. Sure, it’s not especially literary. In fact, it’s a bit like a grown-up Nancy Drew. But, what the heck -- I liked Nancy Drew, too. And I used to speed through Nancy Drew mysteries the same way I sped through this Savannah Reid mystery.

Savannah Reid is a Southern belle turned California private detective. She’s a little brash -- and sometimes a bit childish. And she likes real Southern cooking a little more than her waistline can handle. But that’s what makes her fun to read -- she’s not your average Barbie doll main character without a flaw. She’s a real woman.

In Sour Grapes, Savannah snags a job as a security guard at a beauty pageant at a nearby winery. It sounds like an easy job until her little sister, Atlanta, arrives, announcing that she’s one of the contestants. To complicate the job even more, one of the contestants disappears on the pageant’s opening night -- and is found dead the next morning. Unfortunately, the victim had more enemies than friends, and all of the contestants (except one) are happy to see her go -- which makes finding the murderer a bit challenging.

Yep -- definitely a guilty pleasure. At times, I paused from my reading to roll my eyes at a cheesy sub-plot or a predictable line -- but I couldn’t stop reading. McKevett grabbed me from the second I opened the book, and I couldn’t stop reading until I’d turned the last page. Sour Grapes is a fun mystery -- great for a quick, casual read.

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