Cecil B. Demented Review
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Looking for a little outrageous entertainment this weekend? Tired of mainstream film and movie conglomerates? Then pick up a copy of Cecil B. Demented, and you’ll be shouting “Demented Forever!” in no time.

Cecil B. Demented is the story of a group of renegade teenage filmmakers, led by director Cecil B. Demented (Stephen Dorff), who are tired of mainstream Hollywood filmmakers and their megaplex theaters. They take matters into their own hands when they kidnap a Hollywood starlet, Honey Whitlock (Melanie Griffith) and force her to star in their new movie -- the story of a disgruntled indie theater manager who goes on a rampage against Hollywood monopolies.

With the camera rolling, the group terrorizes the city Baltimore -- the theaters, the Hollywood luncheons, and even the set of the Forrest Gump sequel. They’re chased by filmmakers, Teamsters, and the law, and they only escape with the help of kung fu fans and porn enthusiasts.

Cecil B. Demented is edgy and hard-core (and demented, for that matter) -- but it’s a fabulously creative story, full of laughs. Watch it, and be prepared for some truly alternative entertainment.

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