Love's Book of Answers Review
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This follow-up to her 2000 publication, The Literary Book of Answers, provides advice to those who are looking for love.

This book isn’t nearly as interesting as the first book. It's filled with phrases like “You'll have to compromise” and “Don't even think about it.” While some of these are interesting because they’re mildly suggestive, such as “Work up a sweat” or everyone's favorite, “Score!” most are just one line pieces of advice.

However, this book, its companion, The Literary Book of Answers (See Deborah's review here), and the Magic 8 Ball are not about serious advice. This book is a fun game that people in and out of love will enjoy. It’s good for a
few laughs anyway.

But it’s important to remember this is a game. The inside cover of the book includes this warning: “Stewart, Tabori, & Chang [the publishers] and the author of this book take no credit or responsibility for what Love’s Book of Answers advises or the results thereof.” So enjoy this book/game for what it’s worth, just don’t blame the author or the publisher for what happens.

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