Daredevil Review
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Spidey, you just spun you last web. Move over -- the man without fear is here!

Ben Affleck plays Matt Murdock, a blind lawyer by day and a superhero by night. As a young child of twelve, Matt was blinded by a radioactive waste spillage after running away from his father, whom he had seen beating up another man. While the waste spillage lost him his sight, it enhanced all other senses to super-human levels. His hearing starts to work like radar, allowing him to "see" the world around him. As Matt grows up, he takes on the identity of Daredevil, fighting crime and serving justice where it is deserved.

The story revolves around a girl, (like most films do). Matt starts to fall in love with Elektra (Jennifer Garner), daughter of Ambassador Nikolaos Natchios (Erick Avari), one of the Kingpinís pawns. As Natchios tries to break free from his bossís organisation, the Kingpin hires Bullseye (Colin Farrell) to hunt him and his daughter and kill them both. When Elecktraís father is killed, it appears as though Daredevil is responsible, and Elecktra seeks revenge, unbeknown to her that the man she thinks killed her father is the man she loves.

Though its official release is tomorrow (14th February 2003), I was lucky enough to bribe my way into a Premier showing of Daredevil in the UK. And I have to say that Iím impressed!

Donít be quick to brush off Daredevil as another Marvel man-made generated superhero film. This is an incredibly cool film with some exciting special effects. Comics fans will get an additional bit of enjoyment out of the Easter eggs that are spread throughout the storyline.

Whatís really great about this film is that fact that Matt is human. How many superhero films and programmes do you watch where the good guys never get hurt? They grunt a little in pain when they fall, then they get up, as powerful as ever, and kick butt. Daredevil, however, is portrayed as very much human. He loses teeth in fights, has to take prescription drugs for pain, has a sleep problem, and goes to confession. These little things make him very human, making it easier for the audience to sympathize with him and relate to some of his problems

When was the last time you saw the Incredible Hulk with back pains?

The casting is done perfectly. Affleck makes a really good Daredevil -- his attention to detail in playing blind Matt is commendable. Jennifer Garner as Elektra is mesmerizing, and Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin came across with toughness and style

But as the film ends, donít be quick to head home. Stay until the end of the credits to see the final fate of one of the filmís characters.

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