Hoodwinked Review
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Back in my single days, I went on a few really horrible blind dates. I often found myself looking for any possible excuse to end the date and go home. Yet, it always seemed like the more repulsed I was by my date, the more interested he was. By the end of the night, he was quite sure that heíd just found the woman of his dreams, and I was quite sure that I was trapped in a nightmare.

Thatís how things go for Beth in Hoodwinked. Her blind date, Blaine, wonít take no for an answer. And while Bethís trying to sneak out early, Blaineís trying to propose. The next day, Beth discovers that Blaine wonít be so easy to avoid -- since heís her new boss. To make matters even worse, Blaine has already started to announce their engagement, and heís invited the minister over for dinner. As Beth continues to resist, Blaine only becomes more charming and persuasive.

This short novel is a great read to keep you occupied on a rainy afternoon. The story is unique and sprinkled a little bit of humor -- and plenty of steam. I do, however, think that the story could have been developed a bit more -- a little more tension, a little more build-up. And the main character was somewhat frustrating. Without giving away the end of the book, I just have to say that there are some things that you just donít get tricked into doing...

That aside, though, this is a great first novel. I think Ms. Lynn did a wonderful job of creating an interesting story thatís difficult to put down -- and I look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

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