Bringing Down the House Review
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Bringing Down the House is a gut-busting funny movie. There is no other way to describe it. Steve Martin is the absolute master of comedy on the big screen, and Queen Latifah proves that she can keep up with him.

The plot is pretty simple to follow. Queen Latifahís character, Charlene, has been exchanging e-mails and instant messages with Peter (Martin), and they decide to meet. The twist is that sheís an escaped convict who wants Peter, an uptight attorney, to re-open her case. Of course, there are the neighbors, who he has to hide her from, his kids, who fall in love with her, and his partner (Eugene Levy) who canít get enough of her, either. Itís been done more times than I really care to think about, but this time it works.

The jokes are a little fresher and
the delivery is top notch. When Betty White said that she thinks she hears someone ďspeaking Negro,Ē the entire audience nearly fell out with laughter. My daughter had tears rolling down her face because she was laughing so hard. If you need a good laugh, you need to see this movie. Now.

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