Blood of the Fold (Sword of Truth series, Book 3) Review
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You remember I told you that Book Two (Stone of Tears) in Terry Goodkind’s series beat Book One (Wizard’s First Rule) hands down? Well, shove everything from your desk on the floor, make yourself a clear space, display this book with pride, and read. Why, you ask me, should I read it? I guess I’ll enlighten you.

Well it goes something like this… Since our last encounter with Richard and Kahlan, the duo has been trying to bring order to the Midlands after the war. Richard has declared himself ruler of the Midlands and Master of D’Hara after defeating his megalomaniac wizard Father, Darken Rahl.

However, evil force
s are back at work in the form of an organisation called The Blood of the Fold, recruited by General Jagang—our new resident bad guy who’s trying to wipe out all magic in the world. Jagang and the Fold have convinced the good old innocent people of the world that wiping out magic is a good cause, so having won the hearts of many men and women, the Fold hunt down and kill those with magical powers. Jagang also has another trick up his sleeve—he is a Dreamwalker (meaning he can enter peoples mind via their dreams and control their actions). Magical folks only escape from this nightmare by swearing total and absolute allegiance to the Master of D’Hara (Richard) and help him over throw Jagang and the Fold.

This book is very humorous and introduces us to a lot of new characters for Goodkind’s continued legacy. I didn’t think you could get better than perfect, but actually you can—they’re called Terry Goodkind books.

The only downside to Blood of the Fold is Goodkind’s descriptions. As my fiancée was saying to me when she was reading the series, “How many pages to do you need to describe a forest?” Yes, Goodkind can overdescribe things, but it doesn’t really dampen the book’s mood.

Again, get ready to be absorbed into the lives of the two lovers bound by fate to save their worlds, family and friends. But wait, hang on a minute, that’s not Kahlan on the front cover. It’s another woman… Is there a scandal in the midst? Like I’m going to tell you. You’re just going to have to read to find out who she is, now aren’t you? While you do that, I’ll be reviewing the next book of the series.

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