Delores Claiborne Review
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Stephen King may be famous for his horrific stories about demons and ghosts and other things that go bump in the night, but that’s not always the case. In Delores Claiborne, the only thing that haunts the main character is her past.

The book is one giant narrative -- a story that Delores Claiborne tells in full detail as she’s being questioned following the questionable death of her employer. She’s decided, she tells the police officer in charge, that she’s going to tell everything -- from start to finish. And that’s what she does. She tells about her relationship with the crabby old rich woman who gave her a paycheck and plenty of hassles. She tells about her abusive husband. She tells about how she killed him -- and why she had to do it.

Delores is a captivating woman -- one who comes to life throughout the pages of the book. You’ll hear her voice as you read her story. And, by the end, you’ll feel that you know her better than you know some of your closest friends.

Delores Claiborne is an excellent book -- even for readers who would normally shy away from King’s work. There’s a little bit of gore -- as I said earlier, Delores goes into detail about her husband’s death -- but I doubt if this one will give you nightmares. Instead, it’s an artistically-detailed sketch of a strong-willed woman who learns early in her life that she’s got to look out for herself.

I think I can even say that it’s one of my favorite King novels.

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