Sixteen or Sixty-Six, Singles Have Questions
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Dear Christine,

I am a senior citizen (66), finding it very difficult to meet other single seniors. Iíve tried the person-to-person ads, joined a church, taken computer classes for the ďOver 50 Gang,Ē and am a member of both a camera club and a naturalistsí club (the bird watching kind -- not the other!).

I even went to a New Yearís dance at a seniorsí centre last year, and after having been assured there would be lots of singles present, only two single ladies showed, one of whom had to leave mid-way through the evening. The rest of the crowd were all couples. Even my local seniorsí centre does not have specific events planned strictly for singles for the purpose of simply mingling and per chance making a friend or two.

It would appear to me that the senior single is really discriminated against in this way, which seems a shame, as I know there are widowed, separated, and divorced men and women over 55 out there, but how do we meet each other?

Iím unfamiliar with the situation in London and look forward to your thoughts on ďsenior singles.Ē -- SINGLE SENIOR Ė ST. THOMAS, ON

Dear Senior,

You may be alone in your home, but youíre not alone in your search for companionship. Iíve received several letters from mature readers like you.

After countless phone calls and Internet searches, I can understand your predicament. Just trying to answer this question for you gave me more than one new grey hair.

Pensions, insurance, health care -- thatís all I could find at first. But fear not -- I didnít give up until I compiled a few options for you and any other single seniors in the London area and beyond.

  • For London and surrounding area, the Single Professionalsí Club is just a phone call away at 474-9426. Talk to Helen, or leave a message. They gather Wednesday nights for dinner and Sunday afternoon for brunch, as well as special events. Helen assures me that although they have a varied age demographic, most of their members are in their 60s and 50s.
  • The Dorchester Lionís Senior Centre is a fabulous meeting place for a multitude of events and activities like dinner, square dancing, or playing cards. They can be reached at 268-2025. Brigette, from the centre, says, ďWe canít promise love connections, but we pride ourselves on bringing seniors together for friendship and companionship.Ē
  • For internet-subscribing singles of all ages, all over Canada, there are many online dating services. One in particular, which has captured my interest, is Singles Canada. Simply type into your search engine, and youíll see where they have a section reserved exclusively for seniors.

    Dear Christine,

    I am sweet sixteen and truly never been kissed -- no joke. Boys donít even notice me, except to ask me to pass notes to my pretty friends.

    I hate them all. When I get the braces off my teeth, Iím going to get my hair done at a salon, instead of letting my mom do it, and then Iíll buy one of those push-up bras and show them all.

    Do you have any advice on ways to burn them back for always ignoring me? -- LISA Ė PORT HURON, MI

    Dear Lisa,

    Living well is the best revenge.

    What it means is that when you are content with yourself, your time is better spent enjoying life, rather than wasting your energy trying to prove something to the rest of the world.

    If removing braces, a new haircut, and a different undergarment are going to turn your life into a fairy tale, perhaps youíre not so far off from being Cinderella right now.

    One of the most attractive features in anyone is confidence. Instead of plotting ways to hurt others, try planning ways to celebrate your inner person. Once youíre secure in yourself, your straight smile and budding figure will merely be the bow on the package that is you.

    Have a question, a thought, or a story to share (anonymity guaranteed)? E-mail Christine at:

    Originally printed in The London Free Press on March 6, 2003.

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