Temple of the Winds (Sword of Truth series, Book 4) Review
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The new Lord Rahl, Richard Cypher, has started to restore magic and justice to the New World with the help of Kahlan Amnell (The Mother Confessor and Richard’s intended).

Just as Richard was settling into a new life with the woman of his dreams, things start to go wrong. Nothing is ever easy and straightforward these days, is it? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “True love never did come easy.” Nadine, Richard’s friend and once former love from his homeland, just happens to turn up on his doorstep.

Just to make matters worse and shake up the mix a little, Richard’s half brother, Drefen Rahl, whom he didn’t know anything about turns up also, and General (now self-proclaimed Emperor) Jagang decides to send to send a
plague Richards way, forcing him to forsake everything he holds dear and enter the dreaded Temple of the Winds to sort out this mess.

I’d recommend this book highly. Yes I know every time I review a book for this series, I tell you the next is better than the first. But the reason I say that is because it’s true. Goodkind has yet to disappoint and shock me. This book is very emotional, and won’t disappoint you. Richard and Kahlan are about to face their biggest trial since Darken Rahl.

I’ve read this book twice and I’m preparing to re-read it, it’s that good! Goodkind has once again proven he is a master at what he does.

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