Scattergories Review
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Players: 2 to 6 (or up to six teams)
Playing Time: About five minutes per round

If you can think fast -- and creatively -- under pressure, then Scattergories is your game. Each player is given a card that lists twelve categories -- like boyís name, city, and things that are cold. Then the twenty-sided die is rolled to reveal a letter. Letís say itís O. Players then race against the timer to come up with a word in each category listed that starts with the letter rolled. For instance, your answers for the sample categories could be Oliver, Oklahoma City, and orange juice.

When timeís up (after three minutes), the players take turns giving their answers. Players get one point for every unique answer. But if someone else in the group has the same answer, no one gets the point.

Even though Iím not one for competitive games (i.e., games that require more thought and/or skill than, say, UNO), Scattergories is one of my favorites -- and itís become a favorite at our house. Whenever we have friends over, it ends up finding its way into the living room. And if we have more than six people, we pair up and play with teams (which, if you ask me, is even more fun -- not to mention more competitive and, well, silly).

That game shelf in your hall closet isnít complete without a big, red Scattergories box. Just add snacks (I recommend a bag of Doritos and a big bowl of jellybeans -- you need both salty and sweet, you know), and youíve got yourself a fully-interactive alternative to Saturday night movie night.

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