CSI: The Complete First Season Review
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Initially, I didn’t like this show after seeing two episodes, but my wife loved it. With time, I began to watch it on a regular basis with her, and there came a point when I couldn’t remember why I had disliked it so much.

It was with excitement that I bought the box set for season one, and my wife was thrilled to receive it for her birthday. We decided to watch the first few of 23 episodes, and that was when I remembered why I had not liked it in the beginning.

The pilot and second episode were not very good in terms of technical accuracy and scriptwriting. I admit that I’m not a scientist, but I have read a lot about crime scene analysis and true crime novels. Those sources were enough to let me know that I was watching something bordering on campy -- but they were taking themselves way too seriously. It reminded me of being a child, playing in the backyard and pretending to be Chewbacca or Han Solo (oops, I am getting close to showing my age).

The good news is this, the series does get better as the show progresses, and I am still hooked to watching every Thursday night on TV. The performances have become much more relaxed, and I think that the technical advisors have actually made the writers try to be more accurate.

A part of the show that I have always loved is the visual way that they show how an attack or cause of death occurs. It creates three-dimensional fluid graphics, and it shows us how far modern technology has brought modern crime solving. I would dare to say that its cutting edge for television. It definitely adds a special flavor to the CSI recipe.

This box set is great to own for a couple of reasons. The first is that there are no commercial breaks to interrupt you when you’re just getting into the episode. The second is a cool feature about the show. If you enjoy watching the people involved with the show discussing their series, this is a fifteen-minute clip that you’ll appreciate. Another feature on the box set is the music video for Pete Townsend’s “Who Are You?”

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