The Dragon Laird Review
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The Dragon Laird by Deborah Lynne is quite easily the best fantasy romance book I’ve read in a long while. Between the pages of this book I connected with the characters and stepped into a world of make-believe that fairly vibrated with unchecked energy.

Ms. Lynne’s sense of adventure forged through a series of fast-paced twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat. As the heroine and hero learned of the majestic power and magic of love, I crossed the line from reality to fantasy and became one with them in their world. The author’s talent was evident as she easily captured my attention, pouring power and magic into my veins, my heartbeat echoing that of the heroine as she gambled her own life time and time again in order to save those she loved.

The s
ex scenes are well written, though somewhat graphic and very sensual. But it was more stimulating that Ms. Lynne’s sense of style mastered more than the bodily joining. She easily brought me full circle as the heroine and hero reached that pinnacle of understanding—becoming of one mind—that only true love brings.

As I read, The Dragon Laird resonated with life and love. The overall rhythm swelled with emotion, and scenes overflowed with action and color. Ms. Lynne skillfully wove a medieval land complete with dragons and sorcerers who feasted upon their weaker human counterparts. Yet even as evil threatened the corners of my vision I was left with the profound understanding that something as fragile as words whispered in love could conquer all.

The Dragon Laird is a book you won’t want to miss. I could not put it down.

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