Die Another Day Review
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Thereís definitely something strangely appealing about James Bond. Heís smooth and handsome and witty. He can get himself out of the tightest jams. He has really cool gadgets. And heís a total womanizer (what girl doesnít love that?). No matter how many Bond movies come out, many of us just keep going back for a little more unrealistic action and adventure -- and we love every minute of it.

But I found Die Another Day to be a bit painful. The story was pretty standard for a Bond film. Bond (Pierce Brosnan) is sent to save the world from an evil villain (this time a North Korean militant whoís been genetically transformed after he fakes his death and comes back as a suave diamond miner) who is out to take over the planet (using a giant, complicated Earth-orbiting thingamajig). And there are, of course, women. There are always beautiful women. Halle Berry plays Jinx -- a mysterious woman who seems to be searching for the same information as Bond. And Rosamund Pike plays Miranda Frost, a cold-hearted fellow agent whoís been working undercover as the evil geniusí assistant.

The story wasnít all that bad. Unrealistic, of course, but thatís what makes Bond Bond. But the writing was somewhat painful. You see, back in Bondís glory days, he was known for his smooth, dry, witty one-liners. But Die Another Day seemed to become a big string of one relatively pointless one-liner after another. They crossed the line from witty to cheesy and overdone. And Halle Berryís performance didnít help. Gorgeous, yes -- but Halle just couldn't make the bad one-liners any less cheesy. By the end, my eyes hurt because Iíd been rolling them so much.

If youíre a Bond fan, well, Bond is Bond. If you havenít seen Die Another Day yet, Iím sure you will no matter what I think. But if youíre a casual Bond viewer, stick with the classic Bond instead.

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