The Pillars Of Creation (Sword of Truth series, Book 7) Review
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Jennsen Daggett lives with her mother as far away from the DíHara lands as they both can get. Knowing that she is Darken Rahlís daughter, Jennsen has spent her entire life sheltered by her mother, moving from place to place to escape Darken Rahl and his son, Richard. In no time at all Jennsen finds herself orphaned with only two friends in the world to care for her needs: her goat Betty and travelling companion Sebastian.

Vowing revenge for her motherís death at the hands of DíHaran soldiers, Jennsen travels with Sebastian to the base camp of the New Order to meet Emperor Jangang and get the help she requires for killing her motherís murderer: Richard Rahl. Meanwhile in the Old World, Oba finds out he is a son of the legendary Darken Rahl. Believing
he is a king, Oba kills his mother and begins a search to kill his brother, Richard, seeking to claim his wife for his own. Evading both Jennsen and Oba, Richard and Kahlan manage to escape the Orderís soldiers with the help of Zedd and Adie, only for Kahlan to be captured later.

Pillars of Creation is mainly centered around Jennsen and Oba, so if you enjoy reading about Richard and Kahlan, be warned that they are only in a very small fraction of the book. This book has been severely criticised by fans for the lack of Richard and Kahlan. I for one was first disappointed at the missing encounters of Richard and Kahlan and it took me quite awhile to get into the swing of the book. I found myself irritated at the sudden lack of their characters. After all they are the main reason we are reading this books, are they not?
However, we do get a more in-depth look at the New Order and more of new characters in this book. It opens up much more of the fantasy surrounding Richard Rahl and his quest for peace. Once I got firmly into the book and learned more about Jennsen, I began to enjoy it and settled into a long reading session.

Although I was slightly disappointed at this latest installment of the Sword of Truth series, I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this amazing story.

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