Bowfinger Review
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Bowfinger is the perfect inspirational movie for any starving artist -- because itís all about lying, cheating, stealing, conning, blackmailing, and sleeping your way to the top.

Steve Martin stars as Bobby Bowfinger, a down-and-out filmmaker whoís about to call it quits until he finds the perfect screenplay (itís a sci-fi film called Chubby Rain). Suddenly, the only thing standing between Bowfinger and a major Hollywood deal is signing Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) to star.

When Kit throws Bowfinger (and his script) out of his limo, Bowfinger decides that Kitís definitely going to be in the movie -- whether he knows it or not. Without being totally honest with his other cast and crewmembers about Kitís involvement, Bowfinger begins filming around an unknowing star, following him to restaurants, to his tailor, and to his home.

Thus Bowfinger begins creating his masterpiece with a cast of has-beens and hopefuls (including Heather Graham, who plays a wannabe actress who will do anything to be a star, and Eddie Murphy, who plays Kitís body double) and his crew of illegal aliens. Meanwhile, Kitís starting to think that there really are aliens after him...

Bowfinger has Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, and...Eddie Murphy. What more can any laugh-seeker ask for? Martinís knack for screenwriting -- and a perfectly-hilarious cast -- make this movie a frequently-played part of my collection.

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