Encino Man Review
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Long before The Mummy...long before The Lord of the Rings...Brendan Fraser and Sean Astin appeared in a silly movie called Encino Man -- along with crazy perpetual teenager Pauly Shore.

And long before I grew up and got married and worried about my career, this was one of my favorite movies.

And, as I recently discovered, it still is.

Astin and Shore play Dave and Stoney, two high school kids who dig up a frozen caveman (Fraser) while trying to dig a pool in Daveís back yard (in an attempt to graduate from high school as two popular guys...guys who the girls find irresistible...guys who somehow convinced their parents that it was okay to dig a big hole behind their expensive California home). The caveman thaws, and Dave and Stoney turn him into a buff California high school student -- who, as far as anyone knows, is Linkavich (Link, short for Missing Link), an exchange student from Estonia. The plan, as Dave sees it, is to use their caveman to pick up chicks -- especially Robin, the girl of his dreams. But it all backfires when the girls start falling for Link instead...

Okay, Iíll admit that this movie is unrealistic and totally ridiculous. But thatís exactly why I love it. After watching it again -- for the first time in years -- I still laughed so hard that I almost fell off my chair. And I was reminded that many of the silly quotes that I still recite repeatedly originally came from this movie (and, believe me, there are plenty of great lines to choose from).

So maybe Iím just being nostalgic -- but I doubt it. Instead, Iíve found that Encino Man has, in fact, stood the test of time. Despite the fact that Iíve grown up (or at least grown older), I still like it as much as I did eleven years ago -- and Iím proud to say that itís the newest DVD in my collection.

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