French Kiss Review
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I wanted to be prepared for my first trip to France. So I watched a couple of documentaries. I bought a couple of maps. I flipped through a few guidebooks. And I rewatched an old favorite romantic comedy. I mean, itís called French Kiss, so it has to be appropriate, right?

Meg Ryan stars as Kate, an American whoís in the process of moving to Canada to marry the man of her dreams and live happily ever after. When her fiancť, Charlie (Timothy Hutton), has to go to Paris on business, she stays behind -- not only because the immigration process restricts her from leaving the country but also because sheís terrified of flying. But when Charlie calls to tell Kate that heís met someone else and heís not coming back, she overcomes her fear and hops on the first flight to Paris to try to win him back.

On the flight, sheís seated next to an obnoxious Frenchman named Luc (Kevin Kline), who hides smuggled goods in her bag -- a bag thatís promptly stolen once they land. Nothing seems to go right for Kate in Paris, but sheís still more determined than ever to get Charlie back from his gorgeous French fiancťe. And, for some reason, Lucís ready to help her.

French Kiss is a light and fluffy romantic comedy -- but itís an entertaining one nonetheless. Itís sweet. Itís funny. Itís everything you expect from a Meg Ryan movie. And, as an added bonus, you get Kevin Kline thrown in -- not to mention some beautiful French scenery.

So if youíre planning a trip to Paris -- or just looking for a cute romantic comedy -- I recommend French Kiss. In fact, if you like Meg Ryan or Kevin Kline or romantic comedies in general, itís definitely worth a few bucks to add this one to your DVD collection.

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