To Yesterday Review
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I was expecting a short novella about 100 pages long, so when I opened the package and saw it was a 390 page novel I was actually shocked, but pleased. I was a child in a sweet shop all over again when I opened the book and realised Mark had personally signed it for me. You could only imagine the grin spreading across my face.

Iíve never had to urge to sit down straightaway to write a review on a book. However, the excitement is running out of me quicker than I can type it. But first, let me tell you a little about the book before I give you my thoughts.

This is a story about Janice Gaither, a story about her past and about her present. When she was twenty-two years old, she met Travis Jordan, who was tragically killed. For the next twenty years of her life, Travisí spiri
t visits her constantly. Although she is inseparable from Travis, Janice is married to Richard, a workaholic, alcoholic doctor. Janice lives the hollow life of a housewife to Richard, until one day, enough is enough. Leaving Richard behind, Janice starts over again, embarking on a new adventure involving love, romance, friendship, family, happiness and a two hundred year old love affair.

Iíd love to tell you more than that, but Iíd fear Iíd seriously ruin this story for you.

Iím not one for romance novels, to be honest with you. I normally opt for reading a Star Wars or Magic Myth story. But Iím glad I read it now. The last book that affected me emotionally was Terry Goodkindís Faith Of The Fallenóand while it took Terry five books in a row to get the emotions from me, Mark did it right away. From page two, I hated Richard with a passion. In chapter two, I was warming to Travis, who was fast reminding me of myself when I first really fell in love with a woman. I consider myself a pretty tough young man and it takes quite a bit to have me sitting on the edge of my bed biting back tears, but I was there at one point in this book.

Not only is To Yesterday a romantic and serious novel, itís also hilariously funny. You canít help but go into stitches of laughter at Markís description of a pregnant characterís trip to the hospital and at Janice, whose humour is absolutely out of this world.

To Yesterday has reminded me what love is. No matter who you are, if you have ever believed in love, you should read this book. If Iíve learnt one thing from Mark, itís ďBe who you are, just donít get caught doing it.Ē When Mark signed this book for me he signed it: ďTo Ken, Hope you find the meaning. Thanks Mark.Ē I found the meaning.

Itís the only book I have ever wanted to read againóI think I will be reading it again before the next week is out.

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