Strip Tease Review
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People kept telling me that I should read Carl Hiaasen. ďHeís just your style,Ē theyíd say to me. ďYouíll love him.Ē So I took their word for it, and I started buying Carl Hiassen books. I had three sitting on my bookshelf, waiting to be read, before I finally picked Strip Tease up and started reading it.

Boy, what a surprise!

I wasnít surprised by Hiaasen himself, actually -- but by the story. It didnít take me long to figure out that the book was the basis of a movie by the same name (the one with Demi Moore). Itís the same story -- about a stripper whoís just trying to pay the legal fees to get her daughter back from her loser ex-husband and a congressman whose love of strip joints threatens to destroy his chances for re-election.

Itís been a while since I saw the movie, but I remember that, unlike most critics, I didnít think it was that bad. In fact, if itís on TV, Iíll even stop flipping channels for a while and watch. The book, however, has so much more than the movie. The plot lines are more intricate and detailed -- and there are more of them. And the book has a subtle, dark wit and sarcasm thatís hard to replicate on the big screen.

Strip Tease is a good casual read. Itís dark, itís funny, and it wonít require a huge time commitment. Pick up a copy, and you wonít be disappointed.

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