12 Monkeys Review
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12 Monkeys is a very well crafted science-fiction movie about a virus that causes the end of human life. Bruce Willis plays James Cole, a prisoner from the future who’s chosen for his ability to remember things to travel to the past and return with clues about the virus. The scientists in charge of the project are not very good with time travel, though, and Cole ends up in the wrong year, naked and acting crazy. He gets arrested and ends up in a mental ward.

That’s where he meets up with Jeffrey Goines (Brad Pitt) who is, without a shred of a doubt, certifiable. Goines really shows his acting ability in this role -- he gives one of the best efforts of his career in this movie. As the movie goes on, Goines looks as if he’s the man who sets off a chain of events leading to the creation and spread of the virus that Willis is seeking.

Madeline Stowe plays Cole’s doctor who alternately tries to help Willis and to have him caught by the police. She’s convincing in the part and serves to bring a level of sanity to the complicated plot.

By the end of the movie, you’ll be wondering if Cole actually started the events when he was sent back to find the start of the virus. And then you’ll start to think about the possibilities that going back in time to fix a problem would end up causing it. The plot twists and turns and folds back on itself more than once.

This is an exciting, thought-provoking movie with great acting.

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