Femme Fatale Review
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Femme Fatale is a thriller about a sexy thief, played by Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, who double crosses her partners in crime. She gets away from the police and her partners by stealing a new identity and running from France to America. Everything goes well for her until she returns to France as an ambassador’s wife. That’s when retired paparazzi, Nicolas Bardo (Antonio Banderas), snaps the picture of her that sends everything spinning downhill.

Her former partners in crime now know where she is, her husband beats her, there’s a kidnap plot for ten million dollars that Bardo gets framed for, and she’s on the run from everyone, except Bardo. And at the center of all of these events is a bag of diamonds that she stole at the beginning of the movie (seven years earlier). She’s a self-admitted bad girl, and she’s using all of her bad girl ways to get out of the trouble she’s in.

This is one of those movies where every scene is important and comes back later in the movie. In fact, some of the scenes at the beginning of the movie come back in nearly identical fashion at the end of the movie.

Be warned that there are some rather racy parts to this movie -- early in the movie there’s a lesbian sex scene in a French ladies’ room and later on Romijn-Stamos does basically a strip tease on a pool table. You can’t really skip these scenes, either, because they both have plot points that are important later.

Femme Fatale is a good movie, but it deserves the R rating it received.

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