Red Zone Review
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Alan thought it would just be a routine flight to Columbia—fly down, drop off the plane, and catch a flight back. But when the plane starts on fire, he’s forced to make an emergency landing in an open field in Venezuela. Once he lands, he and his co-pilot, a Cuban named Mario, leave the plane to burn as they head off to find a way home—before someone finds them.

Alan and Mario head for the nearest city and are on their way to safety when their bus is stopped, and they’re caught without their passports. They’re almost immediately connected to the burning plane and accused of running a drug smuggling ring. Before they know it, a routine flight to South America has turned into an unending battle to stay alive in a world of smugglers, crooked lawyers, and ruthless military men…

No, it’s not the latest Colin Farrell action/adventure film—not yet, at least. It’s a new novel by first-time author, Alan McTeer. Based on a true story, Red Zone has the kind of non-stop, heart-pounding action that you don’t expect to find in the pages of a perfectly harmless-looking book. And though I tend to bore easily when it comes to the same old adventure book/film, I have to confess that I couldn’t stop reading Red Zone. The story is exhilarating, the writing is clear and effortless, and the characters are so alive that they practically jump off the page. The skeptic that I am kept thinking that there had to be something wrong with the book—eventually, I figured, the action would slow down to a crawl, or the ending would leave me frustrated—but McTeer didn’t let me down.

I’m sure that this first novel won’t be the last we hear from McTeer. In fact, judging by the end of the book, I’m hoping there’s a sequel in the works.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Red Zone. This surprising new addition to my Highly Recommended List will have you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.

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