CSI: The Complete Second Season Review
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CSI -- crime scene investigation -- it’s the art of using forensic science to gather evidence and interpret how a crime occurred. It’s also the thesis of the popular CBS series, CSI (see the review of the first season on DVD). The secret of the show’s popularity may lie in the special effects and effective use of jargon as the team solves their cases.

As season two unfolds, the audience begins to see more of what makes this team tick. The cases are twisted and bizarre. Of course just when the audience thinks that Hollywood makes these cases too easy for the team to solve, the writers throw a wrench in the works and surprise us with the truth behind the situation.

The special effects group continues to offer fascinating visual effects -- such as seeing how a bullet enters the body and punctures the vessels as it travels. It should seem gruesome, but instead it takes on a surreal affect of seeing three-dimensional fluid computer animation recreate that moment. This series really shows the viewer how far modern technology has brought modern crime solving -- because all of the equipment used on the show is active and not too old. It seems that the producers were able to obtain it through auctions and donations.

There are plenty of extras offered with this DVD box set, including three features, a music video, a few audio commentaries, and trailers for the video game and a short trailer showing some of their international markets.

Episodes worth the extra mention include:

Chaos Theory -- the episode that shows how a random sequence of events can sometimes lead to the death of a young woman.

Bully for You -- this episode rings with the same resonance of the Columbine killings, but viewers will be surprised to find out who pulled the trigger.

Slaves of Las Vegas -- one of the more risqué episodes, where the murder victim leads the crew to an S&M club run by Lady Heather.

Alter Boys -- the team investigates a murder suspect caught burying a victim, but Grissom questions whether the man really did it or not.


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