Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Review
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I think I was in fourth grade when my class read this book, so when I saw a copy at my libraryís last book sale, it brought back memories -- and I couldnít help but buy it. Sure, itís supposed to be a kid's book, but we adults read Harry Potter books, right? In this enlightened day and age, itís perfectly okay for adults to like kidsí books, right?

I hope so -- because I love this book.

The story is about Mrs. Frisby, a widowed mouse with four children. Right before itís time for the family to move from their winter home to their summer home, Mrs. Frisbyís youngest son, Timothy, comes down with pneumonia. If Timothy is forced to get out of bed and make the move, heíll probably die. But if the family doesnít move, their home will be destroyed by the farmerís plow. So with the help of a crow named Jeremy, Mrs. Frisby goes out in search of help, which she finds when she goes to visit the laboratory-enhanced super-smart rats who live beneath the rosebush.

Sure, this is a great book for kids -- full of action and adventure and imagination and talking animals. But itís also a great book for adults. It had been years since Iíd read it, and I enjoyed every page. If you have kids, buy a copy and read it with them -- youíll both enjoy it. If you donít have kids, buy it for yourself -- itís a quick read, and youíll find yourself pulling it off the shelf every once in a while for a quick re-read.

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