Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Review
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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind details the life of Chuck Barris (Sam Rockwell), a television producer, (forefather of reality television as the creator of The Dating Game, The Newlywed Game, and The Gong Show) who also allegedly happened to be a CIA hitman.

The film is a surreal escapade that is at once moody, darkly comedic, entrancing, and disorienting. Blending Cold War intrigue, spy cliché, campy television nostalgia, delusions of madness, and a couple of romantic interests, it keeps you moving scene after scene, wondering exactly what is real. Think of playing Spy Games with a trunk load of Fear & Loathing while cruising the remote for classic game show re-runs.

It’s not surprising that Charlie Kaufman (Adaptation.) is the pen that scripted this jaunt. What is surprising is how well box office heavyweight George Clooney does at the helm of this project. In his directing debut, he exercises nothing short of brilliance emulating the likes of Soderbergh and the Coen brothers, with shots that assault your senses and keep you off-kilter throughout.

In fact, part of the fun in experiencing this film is wondering what is really going on:

A) Is Barris really a hitman?
B) Are these murders just a manifestation of a deluded mind?
C) Are the murders a metaphorical framework, in which Barris expresses his fear of intimacy and general lack of creativity?
D) Is the Gong Show host pulling a grand practical joke?


If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s never to trust the CIA. Barris has gone on record stating that he will take the secret to his grave. And the film has an uncanny ability to provide evidence for each one of these theories, in other words, E) All of the Above.

By the end of the film, however, the question that lingers isn't so much whether or not Barris was a hitman, but in an age where his signature as the "King of Schlock" has not just "polluted the airwaves" but strangled them, we’re left to wonder which role really is the lesser of two evils...

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