Cut and Run Review
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Players: 3-4
Playing Time: Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours

Cut and Run has a Monopoly feel to it, but it’s so much more. You’re given ownership of one or two casinos (depending on how long you want to play the game for). These two casinos may not be in the same series, so your goal is to get three or four casinos in a series. You choose the number of casinos required, taking into account the number of players and how long you want to play for.

The players go around the board and have the opportunity to buy casinos. There are different ways of gaining ownership of a casino: 1) You can land on one that isn’t owned and purchase it for $100,000. 2) You can land on the “Take Over Bid” space, which allows you to bet for the casino if another player owns it. 3) You can drive another player into bankruptcy by continuously winning bets, forcing the other player to auction off the their casinos to pay their date. This third option may cause you to be hated by your friends.

Depending on the space you land on, there are three different gambling games you can play: dice, cards, or roulette. My personal favourite was roulette. The game comes with a miniaturized roulette wheel and a pewter ball. You pick the odds. For example, in cards you can choose that a red card will come up, which pays 1:1. Or you can choose that a certain suit will come up, which pays 3:1.

You either play against your friends or against the odds, depending on where you land. The “Grand Slam” space allows you to go for a million dollars in “Who wants to be a millionaire”-type fashion. For this space, you play each game with odds given, stop at any time and take the cash and run, or you can go for the million. One of my friends went against all odds and won the million. The rest of us lost it all.

This game kept us entertained for a few hours. The only thing that I would have liked to have was a piece of paper and pencil. If you’re playing roulette, you have the option of picking six or 12 numbers, so a paper and pencil would have come in handy at this point.

This game never gets boring because there are so many different ways of getting ahead. The player that is in the lead can change in an instant. Once a player gets their series of casinos, they have to get around the board without losing them to another player. If there’s only one player on a “Cut and Run,” it makes that person a target for the rest of the players to try to take over their casinos. This game is definitely worth the money.

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