The Gyno Hottie
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There should be a disclaimer on the doors of gynecologists who are more attractive than necessary. Warning: This office is maintained by a gyno hottie. Gyno hotties are proven to cause temporary insanity and amnesia.

It’s dangerous for a woman to be half naked and completely unprepared for a sexy man to make an appearance. Of course this doctor of godly proportions is completely oblivious to the effect his appearance has on his vulnerable patients. As he prepares to examine yet another startled woman he murmurs, “Hmmm, no need for lubricant again…” his voice lilts with a puzzled tone as he reaches for the specula.

When first encountering the hot gyno, the woman is usually bare-assed to the air conditioning, and struggling to cover herself sufficiently with that wholly inadequate and thin paper sheet. The doctor enters the examination room and panic immediately sets in. Did she remember to apply make-up? Is whatever make-up she’s wearing smudged or completely wrong? What about personal hygiene? Had she even thought to look at it lately? What is the weather like down there? She desperately tries to smooth her hair down and seek out any reflective surface within her line of vision. The doctor of course is completely oblivious to it. He simply sits down and starts the same interview as he always does.

What is her medical history? Her family history? The gyno hottie carefully jots everything down as his patient struggles to remember her marital status. She does, however, take clear note of the lack of gold on his left ring finger. He is equally oblivious to the fact that his patient has begun to babble mindlessly. Most women are nervous in the presence of any sexually attractive man. Throw nudity into the mix, and any woman can turn into a blathering idiot.

Blathering happens for a couple of reasons. First, it keeps the gyno hottie right where the woman can see him. Next, it appears to her that she has his undivided attention, and no woman can resist such a rapt audience. Furthermore, the woman is at the gynecologist’s office for a reason. That reason has several variant causes all related to her sex organs, and there is something irrationally terrifying about having an attractive man anywhere near that spot (especially if there’s a significant problem), much less letting him know that there’s something unattractive going on with it. Blathering temporarily stops the inevitable.

Nowadays, there’s a new rule stating that gynecologists must warn his patients before he touches anything. While this is to prevent any unethical or criminal behavior, this rule is enough to throw the patient into fits of giggles when faced with the gyno hottie.

“Okay, I’m just going to touch your thigh,” the gyno hottie says soothingly, thinking that his patient is wracked with nerves.

The patient giggles quietly as dirty thoughts pop into her head. The nurse smiles broadly behind the gyno hottie’s back. She knows what the patient is thinking; odds are she thinks it all day.

“Okay, now I’m going to touch the outside of your (censored).”

Oh yeah baby, touch me.

The light flicks on under the paper sheet and there is heat there.

“I’m going to examine you now.”

Oh yes! Examine me baby!

Suddenly, the examination is over, and the doctor is removing his gloves. He is completely professional. He has done nothing inappropriate or illegal. He goes over the initial results of the exam, and describes any required additional testing. The nurse observes everything; her knowing smile shows as she scribbles furiously in the chart. The patient only vaguely hears the doctor’s words. She is embarrassed and flustered by her private thoughts. The doctor leaves. He has more patients who need his help, and he is not seen again. Meanwhile, the nurse repeats everything the doctor just said to a baffled patient.

Once the woman is climbing into her car to continue her day, the wheels in her mind are already beginning to turn. She is already planning her outfit for the next visit with the gyno hottie. She begins looking for interesting and charming conversation topics. She resolves herself to the agony of bikini waxing, and the added expense of hygiene sprays and powders.

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