It Happened in Boston? Review
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Anne Tyler once said that It Happened in Boston? ďis so ingenious that summing it up is next to impossible,Ē so I guess I shouldnít feel bad that Iím having a hard time putting it into words...

Originally published in 1968, this book has become a bit of a cult classic -- probably because of its uniqueness and imagination. Boston? is the story of a talented artist whose life spins out of control. He gives up his art and spends his days in Bostonís Public Garden, having out-of-body time-travel experiences and attempting to avoid the other unusual people who flock to the Garden. He eventually decides that thereís something wrong with the world -- and itís his calling to hunt down God and kill Him.

Boston? is not, by any means, a quick, casual read. Itís written in a style thatís similar to a Tarantino film -- it skips around chronologically, and I often wondered if the narrator was describing something that just happened or something that happened ten years ago.

From the bookís first sentence, ďLately I have come to feel that the pigeons are spying on me,Ē I knew I was in for a roller-coaster ride. And thatís exactly what I got -- though it was more like one of those roller-coasters thatís ridden totally in the dark, with no knowledge of what comes next. It could be a trip to the park, a story about how the narrator once painted an exact replica of the Mona Lisa (replacing her famous smirk with a big, toothy grin), a conversation with young Randolph and his pet (stuffed) frog, Sebastian, or a description of the narratorís run-in with his hated neighbor lady. But thatís what makes Boston? so captivating.

If youíre looking for an alternative to...well, to everything youíve ever read, pick up a copy of It Happened in Boston? But before you begin reading, fasten your seat belt, and please remember to remain seated until the ride has come to a complete stop.

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