The Hunt Club Review
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Fifteen-year-old Huger Dillard and his blind uncle discover a body in the woods. Huger tells the story. Soon another murder happens, and then suspicion falls upon the uncle. Could he have done this, or will the two of them be able to find out what's really going on in and around the Hunt Club in South Carolina before someone else gets hurt?

The page count here is a slight, but the story lingers after you put it down. While I was reading it, I kept thinking about Toni Morrison's book, Playing in the Dark, which I'd read a few months before. In her essays, she talks about the usual literary associations given to "black" vs. those for "white." For some reason, I found myself thinking about those words, and how the author used them here. That got me thinking about the difference between blindness and ignorance too. How interesting that a mystery story can lead you to consider such things.

I particularly liked this passage near the end of the book: "…there is another kind of seeing, a way of looking in front of you and seeing maybe what you can't really see, a way of knowing something without knowing it. There is a kind of darkness that allows you, and the leaves, the fallen branches and low places where water fills in, all of it there before you and shrouded in a kind of knowledge you can only get with being inside the dark of it."

The mystery is a good one, and the writing is fast-paced and wastes no time, but I loved the previous paragraph for the way in which the young narrator struggles to find the words to describe his experience, to make sense of it all. And I can't pinpoint it exactly, but the story resonates with a kind of faith in people and in other things as well.

Still, this is just a mystery that hooks you from the start. Then you'll read until you find out what really happened in the woods near the Hunt Club.

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