Can't Hardly Wait Review
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Who doesnít love a good movie about stupid high school stereotypes -- about insecurity and relationships and self-image? This fun high school comedy must make John Hughes and his Brat Pack proud.

Canít Hardly Wait is one of those movies in which all of the groups in school -- the jocks, the nerds, the popular kids, the surfers, the freaks, the loners -- all get together at one big party (a la Sixteen Candles) and learn that maybe theyíre not all so different after all. Sure, the premise is a bit silly, but the movieís still fun.

At this big party, aspiring poet Preston (Ethan Embry) shows up with his strange loner friend (a very Molly Ringwald character), Denise (Lauren Ambrose). Preston is intent on professing his undying love for Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt), whoís just been dumped by popular guy, Mike (Peter Facinelli). William (Charlie Korsmo), the leader of the geeks, is there to get revenge on the popular guy -- but the only thing he really gets is drunk. And Kenny (Seth Green), the gangsta wannabe, is just there to get laid.

Charlie Korsmo (who, incidentally, played the little kid in What About Bob?) is absolutely hilarious -- as are both Seth Green and Ethan Embry. Sure, this movie has been done before. And itís a bit cheesy and predictable. But itís thoroughly entertaining at the same time -- probably because itís sure to remind you of people from your own high school.

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