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Sometimes it’s hard to be a writer. All that pressure to create something magnificent, something engaging, something amusing, something touching, something entertaining, something (most importantly) highly profitable. Cal Cunningham knows the pressures all too well. After college, he moved to New York to become a famous writer. Instead, he spends three years working as a bookstore stock boy by day and cruising the bars for chicks by night, and the pages of paper that were meant to contain his best-selling novel remain blank.

One night, Cal’s reclusive law-student roommate, Stewart, shows him a short story that Stewart has written—and Cal is shocked (and appalled) to discover that his strange, anti-social roommate is a talented writer. He’s even more shocked when Stewart announces that he’s also written a novel. The next day, Cal snoops through Stewart’s room, finds the novel, and discovers that it’s his own life story. All the stories he told Stewart—stories about his childhood, his life, and his, um, numerous conquests (the exact material that Cal was planning to turn into a novel of his own)—had been turned into a brilliant manuscript called Almost Like Suicide.

When Stewart is killed in a bicycle accident, Cal decides that Suicide is, technically, his story anyway, so he changes the author’s name on the manuscript and ships it off to a big-time New York agent, who turns around and gets Cal a book deal for almost a million dollars (and that’s not even talking about film rights…).

Life is perfect for Cal—he’s rich, he’s famous, and he’s even found himself a beautiful wife (who happens to be Stewart’s ex-girlfriend) and a quiet home in Vermont. But then Lesley shows up—one of Cal’s New York flings, who had run off with Stewart’s laptop and who now owns the original copy of Almost Like Suicide by Stewart Church. Suddenly, Cal finds himself scrambling to hold on to the perfect life he’s built—and keep Les from tearing it all back down.

Part diary, part confession, About the Author is a masterpiece of suspense. Colapinto weaves Cal’s story into a novel that you won’t be able to put down—no matter how hard you try (or how long ago you should have turned off the lights and gone to bed). And while you’ll really want to be able to point your finger at Cal and say, “See? That’s what you get for lying,” you’ll find yourself cheering him on anyway and hoping that he’ll come out on top.

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