Q is for Quarry Review
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OK, not everyone loves private detective Kinsey Milhone. (See the review of A is for Alibi.) Maybe you just have to have read the books from the beginning of the series, but the detective mystery novels by Sue Grafton featuring the resourceful (if style-challenged) Ms. Milhone are just fun to read, if you like the character. I do. A heroine who cuts her own hair with nail clippers? Really, there aren't a lot of characters like her out there. Maybe itís a weak reason for reading a book, but I enjoy the character's voice, even if I don't necessarily find the mysteries satisfying.

In Q is for Quarry, Milhone has to solve a long-forgotten, unsolved murder case with a couple of retired cops who want to figure it out. I enjoy the process by which they get started, the choices they make to track down information, and her sense of humor. What I don't like all that much is reading detailed accounts about their wretched diet. By the end of this book, that particular quirk was getting a little old.

As for the mystery itself, well, it works well enough to keep you reading. In an interesting twist of fact vs. fiction, the case solved in the book was based on an actual unsolved murder. A computer-generated picture of what the real, unknown victim may have once looked like is included at the end. So who knows? Maybe you could help solve an actual crime. Pick up the book and find out.

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