Scene It? Review
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Players: 2+
Playing time: About 30 minutes (short version) or 90 minutes (long version)

Trivia games are always a hit at parties—and this is one of the newest and best. Scene It? is based on movie trivia but takes it a step further than other games. This game comes with a DVD full of scenes from some of the most popular movies ever.

To keep each game fresh, the creators of Scene It? set the DVD up so you never see the same question—even if you’ve seen the movie scene before. The questions on the DVD don’t always directly revolve around the portion of the movie the players just saw. Sometimes they’re only related in a very remote way. There are also more traditional questions printed on cards, and those play like most any other trivia game.

The Scene It? game board opens up like a cardboard accordion, letting players choose between a normal length game and the shorter version. Both play by the same rules—there are just fewer spaces between Start and Finish. It’s a refreshing change for a board game to acknowledge that we don’t always have time for a marathon game session. Another great thing about this game is the way the questions are written. Granted, some of the questions do take a genius level IQ to answer, but most are pretty straightforward and simple enough. The teenagers in the crowd tend to get stumped easier than the older folks, but hey—it’s not our fault they’re so young.

My fiancée and I have played this game with a couple of different groups of people during the holidays, and everyone loved it. It’s a bit more expensive than most games, but the fun is well worth the extra money spent. I’d recommend it highly for your next party.

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