Petty Argument Breaks Up Happy Home
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OTTER, MT After hundreds of years of living in peace and harmony, two families that had always been close friends are now feuding—and all because of a silly argument.

It all began last week, when the youngest member of the Deer family decided that he no longer wanted to play with the youngest member of the Antelope family. When his mother tried to force him to go and play with the youngest Antelope, the little Deer told her, “But Mom, he’s mean! He always picks on me. And whenever we go out to the meadow, he always eats all the good weeds and makes me eat tumbleweed. I hate tumbleweed!”

The Deer family brought the issue up to the Antelope family, who refused to believe that their son would do such a terrible thing. They suggested that it was, in fact, the Deers’ son who was the real problem. At that point, the four of them began yelling. Mr. Deer and Mr. Antelope got into a bit of a scuffle, and their wives had to break them up.

Mr. Stanley Buffalo, who just happened to be roaming in the area, overheard the argument. “It was quite a fight,” he reported. “Those four were really at each other’s throats. You should have heard the discouraging words that were exchanged! Seldom do I hear a discouraging word around these parts.”

The fight between the Deer and the Antelope has continued for a week now, with both families avoiding each other at all costs—and their children are no longer playing together.

Mr. Buffalo, who continues to roam, says that things just aren’t the same as they once were—back when he was a kid. “I’ve never before seen anything this terrible take place out here on the range. Discouraging words. The Deer and the Antelope no longer playing. The next thing you know, the skies will be cloudy all day. Once that happens, it may be time for me to find a new home. Maybe I’ll move to Florida.”

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