Poetic Justice for Nature Review
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The origin of the haiku poem goes back hundreds and maybe thousands of years to Japan. Unconventionally, Poet Kevin R. Fish, a haiku specialist, affixes titles to each of his works.

This book of haiku is entitled properly.

Using personification, imagery, some onomatopoeia, etc., Mr. Fish intertwines nature with itself, other animate and inanimate things, and mankind. The specific roles most animals and plants portray in nature are depicted with a poetic "twist" in the final five syllables. The poet's sharp eye sees and understands the behavior of animals, plants and humans, and he expresses this understanding to us through the precise diction of his poetry.

Of all the poetic tools available for his use, imagery is his most prevailing.

I particularly enjoyed reading "Ancient Reptilian Football," "Natural Freedom," "Overconfident Cat," "The Stinger," "Ride'em Cowboy!" "Energy Crisis," "The Eclipse," "The Bees," "Fools Gold," "Tallness vs. Tallness," "Natural Change In Leadership," "The Prowler," and "Hard Hiding Place."

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