The Curse of the Pharaohs Review
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Egyptian archeologist and amateur detective Amelia Peabody pursues both vocations again in this sequel to Crocodile on the Sandbank. Five years after she has solved that mystery, some things have changed. She and Emerson have married and together have a young son. "I fear we have bred a monster," he says proudly at one point. Little else has changed. Victorian England still tries her patience.

"Bucolic peace is not my ambience, and the giving of tea parties is by no means my favorite amusement. In fact, I would prefer to be pursued across the desert by a band of savage Dervishes brandishing spears and howling for my blood." After admitting that this hasn't yet happened to her, although other equally unlikely adventures have, she continues. "However, Emerson once remarked that if I should encounter a band of Dervishes, five minutes of my nagging would unquestionably inspire even the mildest of them to massacre me. Emerson considers this sort of remark humorous."

And so do I. Don't start reading the series here, since the first is too good to miss. This book continues with an entertaining cast, including an aristocratic widow, an Irish reporter, an American adventurer, an outrageous and unlikable matron and her innocent daughter who is on the verge of romance. Oh, yes, and then there's the matter of the widow's unfortunate husband. His cause of death was undetermined, yet it happened during the night just as he was beginning the excavation of a royal Egyptian tomb. Was his death murder or curse? His widow wants Amelia and Emerson to follow her to Egypt and find out.

Of course, Amelia is up to the challenge. And if, Dear Reader, you are too, then you'll follow Amelia anywhere and enjoy every minute.

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