Five Men Who Broke My Heart Review
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During the summer before her fortieth birthday, Susan Shapiro begins a long, emotional journey. Unable to get pregnant—or to find a publisher for her latest book—she finds herself looking back on her life, wondering where she went wrong. She’s got a wonderful husband, Aaron—but his career as a comedy writer forces him to travel almost constantly, and they can’t seem to have a child. She’s got a successful career as a freelance journalist—but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get a book published.

Then in walks Brad—her on-again-off-again boyfriend who began messing with her head when she was sixteen. Brad calls to ask for her help in promoting his new book, and their meeting leads Susan to begin a search for the five great heartbreaks in her life—to figure out where things went wrong. There’s Brad, who’s still single and still eager to mess with her head. There’s George, her last boyfriend before she met Aaron, who unexpectedly moved on to someone else and is now living with his wife and kid in Brooklyn. There’s Tom, “the nice one,” who helped her rebound from another breakup. There’s Richard, the older man who encouraged her career and left her for another woman. And there’s David, her first love, who ended up sleeping with her college roommate(s).

Like Rob Gordon in Nick Hornby’s novel, High Fidelity, Susan learns that memories of old relationships aren’t always accurate—and she wasn’t always the only one left with a broken heart. In fact, she often discovers that she was the real problem.

In her memoir, Shapiro, a self-proclaimed “serial monogamist love junkie,” obsessively over-analyzes herself and her exes and writes about her journey with honesty and a strong sense of humor. Readers follow along as she runs the gamut of emotions—the laughter, the tears, and the soul-searching—and as she learns important lessons about herself and those she loves. It’s like reality TV—only more real. Five Men Who Broke My Heart will keep you laughing while forcing you to take a new look at old heartbreaks—and at the relationships that really matter.

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